Required Documents for Trademark Registration

  • Logo, emblem, font, label or packaging sample of the trademark to be applied for
  • Power of Attorney (issued by our company, does not require a notary public approval)
  • Legal Certificate or Tax Certificate
  • Application fee receipt paid for trademark registration certificate
  • Copy of identity card
  • Name and address of trademark owner
  • Full commercial title and full address for legal entities
  • Copy of identification card for real persons
  • Trademark commercial activity certificate for application 
  • Document proving that the owner of the trademark operates in the manufacturer, merchant or service sector (Trade registry, Chamber of Industry, Tax office, Chamber of Commerce or Tradesman registry)
  • List of goods or services represented by the brand, which will be used in class selection
  • Request Patent is the most appropriate prices for your trademark registration process, as soon as you receive the necessary documents from the Turkish Patent Institute by processing the application is processed immediately.
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