Circumstances of Industrial Design Violation

    1. Acts deemed to infringe on the right to design are the 81st of the Industrial Property Law No. 6769. These acts are given below.
      1. a) Producing, offering, selling, contracting, proposing for commercial purposes or using for the same purpose the same product or similar product which cannot be differentiated from the general impression or using for the purposes of a protected design according to the provisions of this Law without the permission of the owne to take to the trade area, subject to import process.
      2. b) Unauthorized extension of the rights granted by the licensee by the owner or transfer of these rights to third parties.
      3. c) To seize the right to design.
      • If the application is published and published, the registrant has the right to file a civil action against the right of design for the violations listed in this article. If the infringer has been informed of the application and its scope, the publication of the application shall not be considered. If the court decides that the infringer is malicious, the existence of the infringement is accepted before the publication.


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