What is Overseas Trademark Registration and Patent Registration?

An invention, trademark or patent registration application filed in Turkey is protected only within the boundaries of Turkey. We register your trademark in overseas for more broad protection.

Nowadays, with the increasing exports, Turkish products constitute a serious market for itself and become sought after by consumers.

During this period, institutions must apply for a trademark or patent registration in the relevant country or countries in order to be able to take place in the international market. The legal way to prevent imitation risks that may be burned by third parties is through registration.

There is no valid usage and name right all over the world but 3 different ways can be followed for design applications abroad.

  • OHIM

Natoional applications are quite time-consuming and costly.

In the Hague and OHIM system, transactions in multiple countries with a single application take place in a shorter period of time and at a much cheaper cost than country-based applications. In both systems, it is possible to carry out the registration process which will be valid at the same time in all member countries with a single application.

ISTEK PATENT, expert attorneys perform the trademark and patent registration procedures abroad at the most reasonable prices, and provides services to customers in the field of possible legal problems with experienced lawyers. If you want to get more detailed information about your international transactions, you can fill out our online application form or call our contact phone and get support from our professional team.

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