Why Trademark Registration

Trademark registration encourages entrepreneurs all over the world by recognizing their products and rewarding them with commercial profits.

Trademarks are protected for 10 years for the countries in which they are registered and it has to be renewed each 10 years. Operating within the borders of Turkey want to get in the manufacturing sector sales in every company wants to use a certain brand and the brand is recognized by customers of the occasion as well. The idea of introducing the trademark first and then registering it can bring the rights holders come across with the loss of their rights. Your trademark which is not registered by Turkish Patent and Trademark Office is not legally yours. Since trademark registration applications are processed according to the application date in the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office, the unprotected trademark can be registered by another applicant in the period when it is tried to be introduced by the right holder and in this case the right holder must prove his right by applying legal means. Encountering such a theft causes the real right holder to either give up his trademark or wear out materially and morally. Another issue in which trademark owners have made great misconceptions about the trademarks they use is trade names. The phrases used in trade names and used as trademarks by their owners are registered in the trade registry and are not protected by the provisions of the Decree Law on the protection of trademarks 6769. These trademarks, which are registered in the trade registry by the enterprises in this way but used without being registered with the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office, may be registered in the trademark registry by another enterprise that uses the same or similar phrase in trade name over time.


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