What is Industrial Design Registration?

Industrial design refers to the whole or part of a product, or the whole of the adornment on it, composed of various elements or features perceived by human senses, such as line, shape, shape, color, texture, material or flexibility. ”

In today’s commercial life, developing original and new designs and presenting them to the appreciation of the consumer is not enough to achieve commercial success alone. Therefore, the registration process of your product must be completed.

At this point, the importance of protecting the investments, the labor and the idea turned into a product emerges. The right to protection and the right to prevent the use of rights by other persons for commercial purposes without the consent of the owner is very important for the economic and social recycling of the investments. Otherwise, your originality and innovation will face threats such as theft of ideas, copying and imitation, and the right to defense will be very difficult.


Industrial Design Registration with Istek Patent

Istek Patent provides you assistance with their expert staff for your design and industrial designs. Our company provides services in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara.


Design criteria

  • Innovation: No place in the world for over a year
  • Discrimination criterion: When two products are placed side by side, a normal consumer can distinguish between two products.

Any design that meets the above criteria can be registered.


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