Trademark Registration Duration

The first of the most important issues in the trademark registration process is the conduct of official similarity research. ISTEK Patent does not recommend that customers to start application procedures without an official brand similarity search. This research will greatly increase the chances of your trademark being registered. ISTEK Patent is carrying out the free pre-trademark application process with experienced attorneys. ISTEK Patent collects all the necessary documents for trademark registration with its expert staff, after completing the official preliminary research process, makes the application to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office on your behalf.

Turkish Patent and Trademark Office Examination and Research Process

TP trademark registrar gives 2 months additional time if it concludes that there is a deficiencly in the application subsequently examining the documents. If there is no deficiency and the Office does not see any objection to the registration, the trademark shall be announced in the registration bulletin. If it decides that the trademark cannot be registered, the Office refuses it by specifying the reason.

Opposition against the Turkish Patent Decision

If the attorneys of Istek Patent do not find the justification of refusal of the trademark registration expert, they will appeal the decision by taking the instructions of the client and filing their own reasons.  If the appeal section of TP finds the objection justified, it decides to publish it in the official bulletin for trademark registration. If the appeal unit does not find the objection justified, approve the rejection decision.

Opposition agains the Turkish Trademark and Patent Office Re-Examination and Evaluation Board

ISTEK Patent attorneys again file an opposition to the Re-Examination and Evaluation Board for the last time in accordance with the instruction of the client. This board decision is certain and final. Opposition to this board can only be made through the court. If the Turkish Trademark and Patent Office Re-Examination and Evaluation Board declares a positive opinion, it shall remain in the official brand bulletin for a period of three months. During this period, the objection of other brand owners is expected. If the Turkish Trademark and Patent Office Re-Examination and Evaluation Board reports negative opinion, the trademark registration process is refused.

Opposition against The Trademark Registration and Court Proceeding

It is possible to apply to the specialized courts within 2 months against the decisions of the Turkish Trademark and Patent Office Re-Examination and Evaluation Board. The duration of the lawsuit is 2 months from the decision of the board.

Trademark Registration and Official Trademark Bulletin Duration

The legal notice period in the official bulletin is three months. During this period, other brand owners have the right to appeal. If no opposition is received at the end of the term, TP sends a letter to the ISTEK Patent Attorney to deposit the trademark registration fee and requests that the fee be paid within the time limit. Following the deposit of the fee, ISTEK Patent attorney asks TP for the need for issuing the trademark registration certificate. The trademark registration certificate is issued within 30 days.

Opposition against the Trademark Publication in Official Trademark Bulletin

The right owners of the trademark may oppose to trademark registration due to the similarity to their own trademarks. In such a case, if the TP expert examines the opposition and finds it unjustified, he refuses the objection and notifies the opponent. The opponent has the right to appeal again within two months. If this right is not exercised, TP decides to register the trademark after two months and asks for the fee to be paid. If there is an opposition again, the file is referred to the Turkish Trademark and Patent Office Re-Examination and Evaluation Board and the final decision is taken in this committee. If the appeal is justified, the trademark registration application is refused. An appeal may be lodged against this decision within two months of notification.

Trademark Registration Renewal

The trademark protection period is limited to ten years. However, renewal is possible. The amount of fees for applications to be made six months before the end of the decade is low. Afterwards, renewal applications can be filed within six months grace period.

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